Choose Lunch Ideas for Pregnant Women

images-9Food is one of the most important things to be taken care of during pregnancy. In this Buzzle article, you can read about some good, tasty, and at the same time, healthy lunch ideas for pregnant women. So read on, and you can take your pick from any of the following delicious lunch options during your pregnancy period.


Sandwiches are the perfect option for a quick, yet healthy food for lunch. Given below are a couple of fantastic ideas for yummy sandwiches which will fill your tummy and help in giving you the necessary nourishment for your baby as well.

Sprouts: Get some fresh sprouts. Any sprouts of your choice will do. Put them in a bowl and squeeze the juice of a lemon on the sprouts. Sprinkle it with a little pepper powder and add some coriander or spearmint for flavor. Mix this mixture thoroughly using a spoon. Now take the slices of bread and make yourself some delicious sandwiches using this mixture as a filling!

Chicken: Everyone loves chicken! Pregnant women are generally advised not to eat meat that has been pre-cooked

Best Exercise During Pregnancy

images-8Yoga asanas are considered as the best exercises to get healthy body. The pregnant women should do these postures to have a healthy pregnancy.

All of the yoga mudras are associated with stretching & bending. These are considered as the best cure for various ailments of the body. All of these activities improve the blood circulation of the body. This results in providing full nourishment to the body. Apart from this, these activities are very effective in providing a sufficient supply of air to the body. This helps a lot in curing various ailments of various systems of the body.

There are various yoga postures that are recommended for the pregnant women. For the would be mothers, this period is certainly full of stress & worries as they are passing through a different phase. So, they should do pranayama or asan for meditation in order to get a stress free life. Researches have shown that stress surely has an adverse effect on the life of the new born. So, they should perform this asan on regular basis. This asan is very effective in removing the negative

Ways to Relieve Migraines During Pregnancy

download-7Migraines are throbbing and pounding headaches that typically last for hours or even days. They make you feel tired, nauseated, and highly sensitive to sound and light.

For some migraine sufferers, pregnancy alleviates its symptoms, whereas for some unlucky ones, pregnancy may have no effect on migraines and in fact, more frequent and severe migraines can occur. Some women may also have migraines for the first time during pregnancy.

Ways to Alleviate Migraine During Pregnancy

Avoiding Triggers
Stress, fatigue, loud noises, tobacco smoke, blazing lights, excess heat or cold, and certain foods, like chocolate, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, etc., are common triggers of migraine. Hence, avoiding these triggers will help keep migraines at bay.

Following a Routine
Sticking to a daily routine will help. Eat at regular intervals and avoid skipping meals. Sleep disturbances and fatigue are the most usual triggers of migraines. So, getting enough sleep is very important for your overall well-being.

Take Rest and Relax
Lying down in a quiet, dark room with a cold compress on your forehead or neck is one of the easiest ways of relieving migraine. If you suspect a migraine is surfacing, it is better to

How to Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

It is important to follow a nutritious and healthy diet regime to make sure that the baby has a trouble free journey into the world. This diet ensures proper development and growth of the unborn baby. A pregnant woman must consume 300 calories more than her regular diet.

Foods To Consume
A healthy diet during early pregnancy is yet another challenge considering the signs of morning sickness and cravings that you must be experiencing during the first trimester. Despite everything, a balanced diet must be maintained for the health of your baby. Following are the foods that must be a part of the daily diet of a pregnant woman.

High Fiber Diet
Include fiber-rich foods in your daily diet as they are the best source for all the requirements of your unborn baby. Foods such as whole wheat breads, whole grains, rice, cereals, raw fruits, green leafy vegetables, and cooked beans are rich in fiber. These foods are a great source of energy. Around 5-10 servings of high-fiber foods must be included in the daily diet of a pregnant woman. Meat, fish dairy, and poultry must be included in adequate quantities as well.

Calcium and Vitamins
Calcium rich foods

Tips to Take Care of Your Teeth at Pregnancy

With regards to being pregnant as well as dental hygiene, couple of recognize the significance associated with wholesome consuming. The actual OHRC indicates such as a number of fruit, veggies, slim meats, entire grains, as well as milk products inside your every day diet plan.

Both supply essential nutrition which bring about a proper being pregnant. Consume fluoridated drinking water or even whole milk for that advantages they provide the body as well as the teeth, as well as consume a small amount associated with nutrient-packed meals during the day in lowering as well as relieve early morning illness. Simultaneously, restrict sweet meals as well as drinks to prevent the actual dental care difficulties these people trigger.


Are you aware that the baby’s the teeth start to create between your 3rd as well as 6th several weeks associated with being pregnant? This is exactly why producing wise meals options right now might help arranged your son or daughter as much as end up being Mouth area Wholesome for a lifetime. On your being pregnant an adequate volume of nutrients—especially nutritional vitamins The, D, as well as Deb, proteins,

Ways to Teach a Baby in the Womb

The methods and the purpose of teaching an unborn baby, are altogether different from the regular methods of teaching. There is a growing scientific evidence that, by the end of third trimester of pregnancy, the baby in the womb is developed enough to recognize the noise stimuli around it (like the mother’s heartbeat and the different movements in the mother’s body), owing to the brain development. Some researchers are also of the opinion that, when a baby in the womb is taught, it grows up to be a smarter person. It’s well-known that a baby in the womb is able to recognize internal stimulation and external sounds, alike. The aim of teaching a baby in the womb is thus, making it familiar with the complexities of the external environment. The teaching conditions the baby’s mind and prepares it to face the future change of environment.

Teaching a Baby in the Womb
A soon-to-be-mother often talks with her baby, about her day, future, etc. This is a healthy way to communicate with the baby, and helps in its brain development. Even if the baby is not able to respond to the talk, it does listen to these active sounds

Tips on Choosing Best Health Care Provider

Every expecting mother wants to complete her pregnancy term safely and with some ease. For that, early and regular prenatal care is a must. Along with the prenatal care offered at home, having a good professional health care provider is extremely important, as it can make a big difference in your entire experience of pregnancy and childbirth. It is true that the nature of your pregnancy is the most crucial factor in choosing a care giver, but personal preferences also matter a lot in this context. Given below are basic points to consider while choosing the right health care provider, take a look:

♦ Learn about the personality and basic manners of the person.
♦ Feel free to ask your acquaintances about the reputation of the person.
♦ Consider the office location and working hours of the person.
♦ See whether the care giver’s style is compatible with your needs and concerns.

These were some basic pointers while choosing a maternity care giver. Furthermore, depending on the nature of your pregnancy, you may choose an obstetrician, a family physician, a certified nurse midwife, or a doula. Each one of these health care providers has different skills and approach towards

Exercise Guide For Pregnant Women

Women are encouraged to do exercise when they are pregnant, because it will improve their pregnancy outcome. Some of the benefits of having exercises before and during pregnancy can lower the risk of having premature delivery. It can increase the weight of the baby and help to manage the stress due to pregnancy hormones. The bottom line is the exercise will help a pregnant woman do better emotionally and physically. However, during the stages of pregnancy, there are some exercises are not good for certain stages. The following are some guidelines that you can take to help you know what exercises you can or cannot do during certain stages of pregnancy:

Getting Pregnant

When you are trying to get pregnant, they are few sorts of exercises that you:


  • First of all, doing exercise is much recommended for everyone, especially when you are trying to get pregnant. When you are conceiving, you should prefer intermittent activity.
  • Start with a short warm-up, like five minutes or so by slow walking, this is very essential particularly when you are going to do vigorous exercise
  • If you need to perform a warm-up at the beginning, you also

Mother care and care of body during pregnancy

A pregnant woman may have mixed feelings. She may feel happy and proud but at the same time, may be anxious and uncertain. In fact, during pregnancy, feelings may change frequently from one day to the next. The mixture of feelings is quite normal, while adjusting to pregnancy and to the idea of parenthood. The pregnant women should be educated about good care of health because caring for herself during pregnancy means good care for the baby.

The following are some guide line how the pregnant women care about her pregnancy and her body during pregnancy.

Antenatal care :
The care women receive before the baby is born during pregnancy is called antenatal care. Women who start antenatal care early as much as possible to ensure a normal pregnancy with delivery of a healthy baby from a healthy mother.

Pregnancy Care
Sleep & Rest : The patient may continue her usual activities throughout pregnancy, but hard work should be avoided. Pregnant women should get enough rest, especially during later months. A rest during the day is good and the night sleep is at least 8 hours.

Medicine : During pregnancy, especially during first trimester, women should not take any

Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids When Pregnant

Pregnant women are more susceptible to developing hemorrhoids. So many women may get them while in the first trimester and other may get them while giving birth, in the pushing phase. Anyway, soon after delivery the hemorrhoids disappear. However, as they are part of the pregnancy body discomfort, they should be treated with unconventional methods. Medication could be very harmful to the baby and should be avoided. That is why pregnant women should try to treat hemorrhoids in a safe and natural way. This may happen most naturally through a change in the diet. Selecting the proper food can not only eliminate existing hemorrhoids but could be an excellent prevention against future formation of hemorrhoid conditions.

What foods to choose?

Pregnant women with hemorrhoids should have a diet of foods which are easy to digest and move quickly down the colon. Otherwise, constipation could be easily achieved and it will worsen existing hemorrhoids and trigger the formation of new ones. Here is a list of some foods which can give relief from hemorrhoids and can help reduce hemorrhoid bleeding:

• Dark green leafy vegetables

• Flax seeds – they are high in

Ways to Calculate Your Pregnancy Age

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful, satisfying, yet complex experience a woman can have. Besides this feeling, pregnancy also brings with it a bit of surprise and anxiety in the would-be-mother, especially if it is her first time. However, once she gets through this initial surprise, she starts thinking and planning about her and the baby’s health. But for her to be able to make accurate plans, she must first figure out where she stands with respect to the gestational timeline.

Trying to figure out how many weeks pregnant you are, can be a bit tricky. Although, there are different ways to determine this, like pregnancy calculator, due date calculator, pregnancy calendar, etc., the most reliable and well proven way is to know the date of your last menstrual cycle, and to keep a track of your ovulation schedule. So, without any delay let us try to understand how these factors help in calculating your pregnancy age.

Calculating Your Pregnancy Age

The two most common and authentic methods used to calculate the gestational age of the fetus are explained below:

Last Menstrual Cycle
One of the oldest and well proven method is to track your menstrual cycle. Generally, most

How to Keep Your Food During Pregnancy

Processed foods are foods that have been changed from their natural state to improve shelf life and taste. When you stroll down the aisle of most grocery stores, you see shelves and freezers stocked with processed goods. These items are essentially the types of foods to avoid during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, your unborn baby relies on the things you eat to provide him with the nutrients he needs to develop properly. Processed foods are loaded with trans fat, sugar, salt and other unhealthy ingredients that can put your baby’s health at risk. Examples of processed foods to avoid during pregnancy include:

• canned food
• frozen fish sticks and chicken nuggets
• cakes and cookies
• microwave meals
• cheese
• pasteurized milk
• canned meats like spam and Vienna sausages
• hot dogs, bologna, sausage and lunch meats.
• white flour
• pasta
• boxed meals
• store-bought juice

If most women knew the effects processed food additives can have on their babies’ health, they wouldn’t dare include them in their pregnancy diet.

Processed Foods Contain Sugar

Foods and drinks that contain sugar and excessive amounts of salt are foods to avoid during pregnancy. When you are pregnant, the sugar you

Complete treatments for pregnancy

Both obstetrics and gynecology is related closely and both deals with reproductive system of female. Every woman needs the gynecologist help for number of reasons. Services of Obstetrician and gynecologist in Dubai are important and are required by every woman to promote good health. When any women is pregnant so many tests are done and many of these tests and assessments can be done in doctor’s clinic. Thus due to different demands women should be aware of the therapies and diseases which can harm their living and that too especially in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. Therefore nowadays it is really essential to be aware of the health problems and consult the gynecologist on time. One should definitely visit gynecologist and obstetrician for overall and physical health, pregnancy related issues, breast exam, birth control, blood in urine, pap smear, irregular menstruation, birth control etc and for many more other reasons.

Why choose Dr Preeti Tandon?

The best gynecologist and obstetrics is Dr. Preeti Tandon who has fourteen years of experience in the above field.

She has specialized in many fields:

  • Minimally invasive gynecology
  • Laparoscopic and Robotic surgery
  • Treatment of endometriosis and infertility


Ways to Tell Your Parents You are Pregnant

“Mom, I’m pregnant!” or “Mom, dad, you’re soon going to be grandparents!” … which one sounds better in your opinion? Are you too wondering how to tell your parents that you’re pregnant? Conceiving a baby is a joyous moment not only for the expecting parents, but also for the entire family. Breaking the news of your pregnancy sometimes requires a lot of planning and you want to see the surprised reactions of happiness on your parents’ faces. There are many fun ways to tell your parents that you are expecting a baby soon.

Fun Ways to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

Should you just tell your mom upfront about your pregnancy or give her hints about your condition? If you are planning to tell them about your pregnancy in a straightforward way, you need to choose the right words and moments to do so. You can go over your parents’ house and speak to them in a calm manner. You can say to your parents that they soon are going to become grandparents. Or, you can meet up with them with your husband and both of you can announce the new addition to your family. You always have the choice

Tips on Choosing a Good Gynecologist

Every woman needs a gynecologist at some point of time. Most of the women believe that they need to visit the gynecologist when they are pregnant or want to get pregnant. Whether you are going through irregular or heavy periods or menopause, you can always visit your gynecologist. OB/GYN is a doctor who basically focuses on women’s reproductive health. The obstetricians take care of women during the pregnancy period.They also deliver babies and trained to deal with some important issues such as includes childbirth, birth control, and menopause

Gynecologists are doctors who can easily treat medical conditions and disease that mostly affect the woman and their reproductive organs.  They are also trained in the obstetrics to perform minor surgeries on women’s reproductive organs and take good care of women during pregnancy.

It is very important to choose a right gynecologist. Read this article to know few tips to select the right gynecologist.


Always choose a gynecologist who is board certified in gynecology. The certified doctor takes all the necessary tests that confirm their capability to practice in gynecology.

Good background

Select a gynecologist who does not have any complaints lodged

How to Successful Pregnancy after 40

You might be in doubt whether to risk yourself in having pregnancy after 40 because as far as you know it is greatly delicate and accompanied with various complications. Yet, keep in mind that everyone has the chance to conceive could be within the fertile window or not as long as menstrual cycle is still present.

Pregnancy after 40 may take time for some, but each one has diverse characteristic and capability to conceive thus it would somehow depend on how you take good care of your system. There are increasing number of women successful in getting pregnant at their 40`s.

Fertile Days in a Month

Biologically, the capacity of women to conceive declines with age, and this signifies that when you are older there is smaller quantity of days you could likely conceive. It is said to be only 1-2 days in a few months that there is possibility for conception. Hence, in order for you to attain pregnancy after 40, you need to be wary in determining fertile days.

You are supposed to be at your most fertile period 12 to 14days prior of the start of the next period.

Fit Pregnancy Tips for You

As a pregnant mother, you want your unborn baby to have the best chance for proper development. This is why staying fit and taking care of your health is so important. If you exercise regularly, watch what you eat and drink plenty of water, having a fit pregnancy is not hard to do.

Eliminate Processed Foods and Sugar

Staying away from processed foods can help you stay healthy throughout pregnancy. Processed foods contain dangerous trans-fats and chemical additives that can ruin both you and your unborn baby’s health.

Examples of processed foods include frozen meals, canned veggies, canned meat, frozen pizza, instant rice, hotdogs, lunch meats, pasta and bread. The trans-fats used in processed foods are made by mixing liquid vegetable oil with hydrogen. This process changes the molecular structure of the oil and turns it into a solid.

Trans-fats are commonly found in baked goods and fried foods. Restaurants love to use these fats to prepare food because they are inexpensive and can be reheated repeatedly without breaking down. Trans-fats are dangerous because they contribute to heart disease and strokes.

Chemicals are used in processed foods to inhibit mold growth, prevent

Molar Pregnancy Treatment for You

Molar pregnancy, which is medically referred to as hydatidiform mole, is an abnormal form of pregnancy. This rare complication of pregnancy is classified under gestational trophoblastic diseases. This condition is caused by abnormal fertilization. Scroll down to learn about the different types of molar pregnancy along with the treatment options for the same.

Types of Molar Pregnancy

So how does a normal pregnancy turn into a molar pregnancy? Molar pregnancy is basically an anomaly that could occur during the fertilization process. This condition is characterized by the development of abnormal placental cells, following the fertilization of sperm and the egg. Molar pregnancy is classified into complete molar pregnancy and partial molar pregnancy.

A complete molar pregnancy or hydatidiform mole, develops when the sperm fertilizes an egg that doesn’t have a nucleus. Under normal circumstances, the fertilized egg contains 23 chromosomes from the father as well as the mother. When the egg doesn’t contain DNA, the chromosomes from the sperm duplicate. Since the fertilized egg is bereft of the mother’s chromosomes, normal placental tissue, embryo or amniotic sac wouldn’t be formed.

Under normal circumstances, a layer of cells called trophoblasts develop into finger-like projections called villi. It is this layer of cells that

How to Deal Menstruation During Pregnancy

A woman is said to be pregnant when the sperm fertilizes the ovum, and the tiny fetus attaches itself to the uterus. When this occurs, the brain sends signals to the ovaries to stop the production of ovum, and the focus is on the production of hormones which are important for the healthy development of the fetus. As ovulation does not take place during this time, there are no chances of having menstrual periods during the nine months of pregnancy. However, there are cases where women have reported to have experienced menstruation while they were pregnant. In such situations, the question that women ask is: can menstruation occur during pregnancy? The answer to this question is an absolute ‘NO’. However, this does happen, and hence, it is important to unravel the mystery surrounding the phenomenon of menstrual bleeding during your nine months gestation period.

Is it Possible to Have Periods During Pregnancy?

As it is quite clear that menstruation cannot possibly occur during pregnancy, the vaginal bleeding that one observes during this time can be due to a variety of reasons. In some cases, it may just be light spotting, while for some, it may be similar to their menstrual

Tips to Sleep While Pregnant

Pregnancy and sleep disorders are strongly connected. During the first trimester, you can barely keep your eyes open due to exhaustion and fatigue, thanks to pregnancy hormones. On the other hand, as your pregnancy progresses into the final trimester, you may find it difficult to even catch a wink at night owing to the sheer heaviness of your belly and frequent trips to bathroom. You may have to give up your years old habit of sleeping on your stomach or back and adopt some new ways of sleeping in order to protect your baby and assume a comfortable position for yourself. In fact, you may have to experiment with different ways to sleep while pregnant, to find what position suits you the best.

Best Ways to Sleep While Pregnant

Incidentally, the best way to sleep while you are pregnant is sleeping on your side, preferably the left one. Sleeping on the left side offers maximum support to the pregnant woman, puts minimal pressure on the baby as well as her internal organs and also ensures adequate supply of blood and oxygen to the baby. However, maintaining left side position while you are asleep is impossible. In that case, you may